M.C.I. BROKER Llc introduces, proposes or carries out preparatory activities for the conclusion of insurance or reinsurance contracts, provides assistance in exercising rights under insurance contracts, in particular in settlement of claims notified to an insurance undertaking.

In accordance with the clients’ needs and requirements, we perform detailed market analysis, explain advantages and disadvantages of insurance offers and negotiate with insurance undertakings in order to get the most beneficial contract that will cover all involved risks.

Based on the market analysis and insurance offers, insurance broker assumes responsibility for the selection of insurer and quality protection of policyholder’s property and people. Pursuant to the Insurance Act, M.C.I. BROKER Llc carries out insurance brokerage for their clients, including claims settlements, free of charge.

We will provide you with the best insurance solution in accordance with your needs, while saving on the insurance premium costs through optimization of the insurance contracts.

Why hire insurance broker?

Authorized insurance broker is independent, experienced and competent counsellor who will safeguard your interests before and after the conclusion of an insurance contract.

Insurance brokerage services are tailor-made based on the assessment of client’s needs and risks, and include insurance offer analysis, assistance in conclusion of insurance contracts and in claims settlement. Furthermore, brokers follow their client’s growth and development and respond accordingly. Having insurance broker saves both time and money.

Insurance broker provides following services for the client:

  • Assesses existing risks and active insurance policies in order to assure quality coverage of people and property and protection of financial and legal interests
  • Negotiates with insurance undertakings in order to provide best coverage and price for the client
  • Monitors risks fluctuations during the validity period of insurance contract in order to avoid unexpected situations
  • Improves processes and assists in claims settlement
  • Provides expert support through entire insurance policy validity period
  • Provides independent and objective consultations

We have what it takes to be your reliable business partners. Through cooperation and joint work, we can significantly contribute to the enhancement of your business processes and achieve beneficial economic effects.

Our business philosophy is based on attentiveness, innovation and professionalism. Our approach is to provide clients with coverage and insurance in accordance with their needs.

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